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When to splurge and when to save? – Gadget accessories


Many live under the wrong impression that dupe accessories for their smart devices will damage their capabilities. However, this is far from being true. In many cases, the quality of those is no different from the originals’, the only difference being the brand under which they are retailed, After all, you do know that there are only several manufacturers across the world. So, an aftermarket Fitbit replacement charger won’t damage your device. You don’t have to splurge on an original charger. But let’s see which are the cases in which you are entitled to saving some money on dupes and when should you invest in original accessories.

When to splurge and when to save

1. Fitbit replacement chargers – DUPES work wonders

You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to have a great charging cable for your Fitbit.  Simply purchase a dupe, just so you have a spare one. It’s unpleasant to find out that you lack a charging cable or wall charger. So, if you want to make a worthy investment, find a vendor that specialises in selling high-quality dupes and after-market pieces. You will find the same quality as you do in the original ones, minus the prices.

2. iPhone accessories – DUPES also work

While people who generally buy iPhone devices have a brand fetish, it is worth to know that there are cheaper alternatives on the market when it comes to accessories. While certain dupes are really bad and they don’t offer the same quality, some manufacturers and vendors pay great attention to details and they succeed to deliver comparable accessories at a fraction of the price. So next time when you are about to cry your eyes out for a charging cable, take into account purchasing a dupe. These work just as well.

3. iPhone on ear headphone – also, DUPES

Speaking about iPhone devices, you certainly know the prices implied by investing in accessories for those. These are enormous. So next time when you conclude that you need a pair of on ear headphone, consider a dupe that will provide an amazing sound quality as well a friendlier price. Although not all headphones are a joke when it comes to prices, they will certainly be friendlier with your budget. An alternative worth considering is you are an audiophile.

4. A Fitbit replacement band – DUPE

You don’t need originals; only make sure to pick a vendor that only retails bands in high quality materials. Otherwise, they will tear out easily, making the investment a poor one. Choose bands in multiple colours, so they are easy to change and adapt depending on the outfit which you plan to wear and the circumstances. These are great, come in different designs and colours and their quality is comparable to the originals’. Only the prices are smaller.

These are four items you should consider saving money on for your smart devices. Originals are not always your best alternative. Sometimes, you have to think of the prices involved as well.