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Watch Favorite Shows with the Dyle Mobile TV Receiver

Most everyone today likes gadgets and wishes to take full advantage of the technology available on the market; our lives are spent on the go more than ever, we move from place to place, we try to stay in touch with everything and essentially our lives are busier and more crowded than ever. Handling all these tasks and responsibilities leave us little time for ourselves, for doing the things that we enjoy. Watching television, for example, can be considered a bit of a waste of time, but at the same time there are great shows out there that we still like, and that we wouldn’t want to miss. But how can we have access to them when there’s no internet connection, no WiFi?

Belkin Dyle Wireless TV Receiver Belkin Dyle Wireless TV Receiver picture

You might think there’s the option of recording the shows and watching them when you have the time, but what if we want to watch them in other places than home? For those with long commutes, the time spent in the subway or the train is wasted unless they read or watch something; luckily, now we have the Belkin Dyle Mobile TV Receiver, a device which can be attached to an iPAD, or to your iPhone 4 and 4S and get live television feeds. This small receiver works like a normal TV’s receiver, capturing signal from your favorite broadcast networks and thus allowing you to watch live broadcasts of news, entertainment, sports or TV series.

Indeed, the Dyle Mobile TV Receiver works without WiFi connection, you just have to attach it to the phone and configure the settings to your liking. Now, those dead times on your way to and from work, or when traveling, sitting in line at the doctor’s, won’t have to be so dull anymore, and you will be able to use them for something useful or entertaining. However, the Dyle Mobile TV Receiver is a rather new concept, and it is only expanding; this means that so far it is only available in the US, but not even on all US territory. So before deciding to purchase it check on Belkin’s official website to see whether they have coverage in your country or state.

The product itself costs little over $100, a fair price considering you get unlimited access to television that you like; it is an initial investment, making it much cheaper on the long term. Of course there are other ways of watching stuff on your phone, such as Netflix which requires a subscription, but they only have movies, whereas television is different. So if the Dyle Mobile TV Receiver seems interesting and useful to you, don’t hesitate to check it out closely. This is but one of the many useful apps that are available for smart phones and tablets. If you want to be up to date about the release of similar apps, you should read a tech news website on a regular basis. We recommend HcmDigital.Net as it is concise and easy to understand. Furthermore, aside from the latest apps, this website also features interesting gadgets that are designed to improve the daily comfort of the consumers.