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Try levitating speakers for better sound

The great thing about Bluetooth portable speakers is that they will allow you to listen to music on the go without much effort, reason why they are a must-have item. There are countless models of portable Bluetooth speakers on the market, some of them more innovative than others. What you can notice is that at present the market is full of levitating speakers, meaning speakers that literally float in the air. But should you buy such a device solely for the fact that it levitates? Of course not. The real reason why you should purchase one of these cool sound systems is that they deliver high quality sound.

Try levitating speakers for better sound

What should a great speaker be like?

The truth is that the greatest speakers sound very different from one another. The notion of “great sound” largely depends on what you are looking for. Taste always plays an important part in determining audio quality, which means that even an audio system that lives up a tiny apartment can be just as good as one that allows you to sit 25 feet from it. Generally, bigger speakers play louder music, while small ones play lower music. However, it does not really matter how big or powerful the home speaker is. What really matters is that you enjoy the sound quality. Regarding audio quality, you will not be disappointed by floating speakers. Although an UFO-shaped does not look capable of producing mid to high-end tones, it can.

Improved audio quality

In addition to the fact that levitating speakers look cool, they deliver better sound that traditional speakers. But how is this possible? Well, the explanation lies in the fact that the speaker does not sit on a surface. Due to the fact that the speaker floats in the air, it will not lose vibrancies through transference to materials that come in contact with it. Besides this, the speaker has a round shape, which means that the levitating part has no front and back. It is needless to say that the sound is delivered to anyone in the near proximity. In comparison, traditional speakers have vibrancy shorts, which means that the audio paths transfer from one place to the other. These vibrancy shorts will give the impression of being acoustically off.

Take the sound with you

Another aspect worth mentioning is that the audio quality of the levitating speaker is not affected by the battery life. This means that you have the possibility of listening to your preferred songs up to 10 or 15 hours. More importantly, you are able to enjoy music wherever you want because the speaker can be bused without the base. However, you should not separate the ball from the subwoofer because the audio quality may be affected. What you can do is take the entire device with you. Since it is magnetic, it will stick to the hood of your car or your bike frame. Some models of levitating speakers are even waterproof, so that you can take the audio system to the beach as well.