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These listing platforms are perfect for you and your phone

At present it is much more advantageous to sell used iPhone online than in the traditional market place. As you have got used to ordering stuff online, the same convenience is ensured when trying to advertise a product and companies should not be the only ones who take profit of the high traffic that many websites enjoy. The advantages of selling through the intermediary of these sites is the fact that not only do they have lots of appeal to the right audience, but many of them are actually in connection with interested buyers that have long been searching for specific models. In what follows are the trade-in services that must try.

These listing platforms are perfect for you and your phone


With the help of this listing platform you just have to choose the model of the mobile device from the site and give a brief description about it. You will be required to answer a couple of questions related to the condition of the device. After this your product will be listed and you have to wait for someone to buy it. Next, you have to ship them your item personally and the money made as a result of the purchase will be transferred to your bank account. Attention should be paid to the fact that the platform will charge some fees, but one advantage is represented by the fact that your profile is listed on what is considered to be one of the biggest online retailers. Things go relatively easy and you will be required to communicate with buyers via email, but you have to have a high demand item in order to make big gains.


This platform is mostly popular among people from small cities and the benefit is represented by the fact that you can avoid annoying fees. When registering on the website you choose your current location. The only problem is that in local sales you will have to negotiate with buyers, but on the other hand if you possess an item that is of high demand, then you stand to make a fortune. The lack of fees also gives you the possibility of charging less for the mobile device and you receive the sum of money that you agreed upon with the buyer. However, the add expires within 45 days


Gazelle works pretty much in the same way as Amazon in the sense that you are required to select your item from the list and respond to a few questions related to features and age of the mobile device. What differentiates the two sites is the fact that Gazelle sends the user a prepaid mailing box from the very beginning so that you can send them your device. Once you have sealed the deal, you have about 30 days to ship the product. In addition to this, the trade-in service mostly accepts Apple products, but they do take other mobile phones and devices. You will be paid for the value of the device in maximum 5 days.