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The difference between screen printing and embroidery

Custom made clothes have become very popular in the past years, since more and more people are trying to stand out and express themselves through the garments they wear. Given the fact that the items available in stores are accessible to everyone, individuals all over the world have been looking for new methods to personalize their clothes. For this reason, there are many companies providing dedicated services to all those interested in customizing various items, such as t-shirts, jerseys, jackets, socks, caps and so on. These have a great success, especially because the development of technology has led to the emergence to certain techniques that deliver great result. If you are interested in this type of services, you should know that the most common methods used for clothing are screen printing and embroidery. Although the results are slightly similar, the differences between these two procedures are very clear, especially for those who work in the industry. In case you have never had anything to do with this field, then separating them may be a bit complicated, so here are some relevant things you should know, which will help you make an informed decision:

The difference between screen printing and embroidery

What is screen printing?

The process is extremely common in t-shirt screen printing Hamilton companies, and briefly means using a special ink to paint an image on a surface. The ink is placed on a fine mesh on the form of any particular stencil (depending on the design requested by the client), and then it is pressed into the fabric, thus leaving a print.  The method can be applied for almost any material and object (from pens to mugs), but in terms of clothes the most common are the items made of thin fabric, such as items are t-shirts or uniforms. The main advantage of this technique is that you can create any design you want; because it can support detailed or complicated designs, unlike embroidery, where the designs should be rather simple. In addition to this, the service is very affordable, so all you have to do is purchase a solid color t-shirt and get as creative as you want: choose a funny quote, a large image or many smaller ones, and technicians will take care of everything.


How is embroidery different?

While printing involves putting colors on a certain surface, embroidery means that thread is stitched into the material. While the first process could be used for almost any object, embroidery is dedicated only to clothes. The most common garments are sport shirts (basketball, golf, football etc), jackets, t-shirts and even corporate wear, since it looks a bit more professional than screen printing. Furthermore, the method delivers results that last longer: the design will not fade away or start to look worn out and the colors will remain the same even after multiple washes. However, this process has a major drawback: it is not extremely accurate – the designs may be a bit modified, because it is complicated to stich thread in a certain form, especially if there are many details.