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The best MOBA games of the moment

Multiplayer Online Battle arena games are some of the most popular of the moment among all those who enjoy gaming. They just offer players the chance to have fun and battle people from all over the world. To this extent, these are the most popular MOBA games of the moment:

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League of Legends

This game was created by Riot Games and it is free to play for everyone. Those who want to enhance their fun can buy LoL skins from its official store or from other websites available on the internet. Since it includes various mythical stories such as Cassiopia or the Chinese Wukong, many people are drawn to this game and it has become one of the most popular of its kind. This game was released in 2009 and since them it has continued to grow in popularity as more and more people are attracted by its graphics and storyline.


Dota 2

This is a sequel of the previous Dota and basically has the same features. Gamers can choose a hero with various primary attributes and face their opponents in the online battle arena. Dota 2 is also playable on Steam, a feature that many people appreciate.


Heroes of the Storm

This is a MOBA game that has just been launched and is still in the testing phase. This game bases on 5 to 5 matches, which is definitely something different that many people will find interesting. Since it is such a new game, opinions are still forming, but so far it is a popular choice among those who want to try something new.


Heroes of Newerth

This game is also very similar to DOTA. Its characters have the same abilities, so if you were a fan of Dota and you would like to try the graphics of this game, you will certainly enjoy playing it.


There are many MOBA games available on the market, but most players prefer to stick to one all the way. League of Legends is probably one of the most popular because it is free to play and you just have to buy LoL skins in case you want to change the appearance of your character. Many people find this quite convenient, especially since there are dedicated websites where they can even find even rare skins that were only available at special events.


MOBA games are exciting and they allow players to enjoy great graphics and battle each other in interesting online arenas. These games have been popular ever since they first appeared on the market and the fact that these days people have access to free games such as League of Legends is definitely an added bonus. These games allow people to put into action their strategic skills and play at an entirely different level. MOBA games have practically revolutionized the world of computer games and they are always the first choice of those who are passionate about gaming in general. Whether they choose to play League of Legends, Dota 2 or something else, there are plenty of options available on the internet.