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Relevant advice on choosing a printing cartridge

Printing is not an easy task, and as much as you may want to avoid it, at some point you will need to use the machine and recharge it, in case it runs out of toner. There are various types of cartridges (for printers, fax machines or copiers), which is why as a common user, you may not be aware of their features and compatibilities. If you are not correctly informed the moment you make a decision, you may find yourself in the impossibility of using the products you paid for, so make sure you read a bit about the subject in advance. There are many suppliers of printer ink cartridges on the market, which is why you have to choose the most reputable and if you are lucky enough, you will manage to change the cartridge on your own. Years ago, the printer was considered a dangerous item, even explosive, but due to the evolution of technology, these devices and their equipment and supplies have become more common and anyone can have access to them. In case you are looking for rechargeable ink supplies, you should know that there are many types.

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To begin with, there are the OEM cartridges. The abbreviation stands for original equipment manufacturer, and these represent the ink reserves created by printer companies: this means that both the device and the reserve will belong to the same brand and you cannot use another type. There are extremely efficient and qualitative and have a low chance of failure, and this is normal, since they are the perfect match for the printer. You have to pay a lot of attention, because there are also other companies which create and deliver products similar to the OEM, but these are not original. Despite this, they generally come with the manufacturer’s warranty and are likely to work properly, if they are used correctly. However, in case you are using the latest version of a printer, you are likely to find nothing but OEM cartridges, because the companies have patented the ink reserves and no other manufacturer can design them.

An important aspect you should keep in mind when you buy replaceable toner is the compatibility. Each printer is suitable to a certain type of cartridge, so male sure you use nothing but appropriate supplies for your device, unless you want to ruin it. In case you have no idea which is the best option, you could start by reading the machine’s manual (to find out the model, series and so on), and if you are still not aware of what you should buy, ask an expert in the field. They will tell you which cartridge is suitable, and then you can decide whether you buy an OEM product or a similar one, crated by a third party company. You also have the possibility to buy refurbished cartridges: old reserves which have been refilled and can be used properly. Even if you will have “second hand” products, most of the time manufacturers provide them with a warranty, so if you want to save some money, this should be your choice.