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Prevent any type of leaking with gaskets   

Gaskets are used as a seal to prevent gas or fluid from leaking. They seal two parts and prevent leaking during changes of pressure and temperature. They are special made to withstand electromagnetic or radio frequencies interference, water, oil, or antifreeze. For offering gaskets that work properly, manufacturers have to design them to mold features of both of the components they have to seal, and to be compatible with them. Ottawa gaskets are used to ensure components in many industries, for example industrial, marine, aerospace, aviation, electronics or automotive.

Prevent any type of leaking with gaskets

Gasket materials

Gaskets were created from several materials to serve the needs of so multiple industries. Every of the ones listed above need a different type of gasket, so manufacturers have to provide the perfect seal. To fill the gap between two surfaces a shim is needed and it will act as a leveling device to prevent leaking. Manufacturers provide both metallic and non-metallic gaskets, and their usage is decided according to the substance that has to be sealed or the ambient environment. Taking into consideration these factors gaskets are manufactured from many types of rubber, as PVC, Neoprene, food grade, Viton or pure gum. If the manufacturer wants to produce items from plastic, he can choose from nylon, Mylar, Teflon, polyurethane, or polyethylene. If they are made from metal, the materials used can be copper, carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass or nickel.

Types of gaskets

EMI gaskets are used in electronic/electrical industry to provide an electrically conductive seal for housing covers and electronic equipment openings. Their purpose is to restrict or prevent electromagnetic interference. Solid metal items are made of solid metal and are used for extreme temperatures and pressures. Laminated ones are made from two materials, and are enclosed in an envelope. Encapsulated items are made from a gasket and a material that represent a continuous layer of Teflon or other material. For high temperature are used the ElastaGraph ones that consist of a metallic core that is covered with flexible graphite. The composite ones are customized according to the client’s desire and can be made from a combination between felt, cork, paper and rubber. Silicone items are made from silicone that is applied to the mating parts. Other types are spiral wound ones that are created as a combination between a soft non-metallic filler and a thin metallic strip. Gaskets are key items in industry because they represent the best solution for waste systems management, water treatment or electromagnetic field isolation and conduction.