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Possible locations for detecting metal

If you are interested in metal detecting, then you should know that you need more than a professional device. Of course, purchasing the most suitable detector is important, but more than this, you will have to understand its features, know how to search and where to search. There are many possible locations where you are likely to find valuable objects, and that is why depending on what you want, you have to choose carefully. Of course, the ideal situation is the one where you select a place that no one has thought about searching on. But since the practice has become kind of common, this will be extremely difficult. For this reason, you need to make wise decisions and pick a spot that is constantly replenished. Besides this, think about what your detector can do, because its features are a definite criterion according to which you should choose your ground. Read professional Bounty Hunter detector reviews to learn about average depth, importance of ground density and mineral composition, as well as particularities of each metal. This will help you decide upon the location. Here are some of the most popular places where you are likely to find metals:

Possible locations for detecting metal

High traffic areas

The areas where people spend a lot of time are definitely going to provide you a constant supply of metals to search for. These regions include sport fields, parking lots, schools, fair grounds, parks, train stations and so on. Basically, the best areas are the ones where most items can be lost. As a beginner, you can start looking around parks, where people hand around for picnics or other relaxing activities. You will be surprised to see how many coins and accessories people lose when walking or playing games outdoors. In addition to this, if you are lucky enough, you may even find some valuable pieces of jewellery you will find. What is actually great about these places is that you do not need an extremely performing detector, because most metals are on the surface of the ground.

The beach

Beaches are a gold mine – sometimes, literally. People tend to lose a lot of things in the sand, and an average performing metal detector will immediately find them. This is due to the low density of the ground, because sand is quite easy to dig. Furthermore, items lost in the water are often brought on the shore by waves, but in order to look up there, you need a detector that works also on wet ground. From coins to jewellery, the beach is definitely a place that will offer you a wide variety of possibilities.

Old grounds

Ancient construction sites or lands that used to be accessible to the wide public are also a great spot for you to start your searches. If you want to find valuable relics, rare coins or money made of precious metals (gold, silver etc), then these are the ideal place. Historic objects are very lucrative, and if you are lucky enough to discover one of these, then all your effort will pay off. Of course, in order to dig there, you need a performing detector which has efficient radar, high degree of discrimination and can reach the greatest depths.