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Mobile application world – how is iPhone application development different?

The mobile application world has developed a lot in the past years, since more and more people are using smart phones and tablets for their daily activities. While everyone takes advantage of the perks of technology, the market is divided in two main categories, depending on the type of gadgets used: some prefer the iOS system, while others are still fans of Android. There has always been a great competition between these two and believe it or not, although Apple products seem to be more exclusive, the mobile app world is dominated by iOS development. This is proven by the dominance of iOS based devices on the dedicated market – apparently, a lot of users have switched to this type of products lately. For this reason, experts have also noticed a rising number of professionals specialized in iPhone application development. If you are interested in finding out why this sub sector is so special and different from the rest of the industry, read on to learn some relevant details.

Mobile application world - how is iPhone application development different

  1. Quality

It is well known that if you want to check the proficiency of a product, you should look on the quality rather than quantity. Taking into consideration the market reach, it is obvious that developing apps for Android is way more extensive than for iOS. However, if quality is the criterion taken into consideration, then anyone can see that Android is far behind iPhone development. When it comes to comparing Apple application development with other mobile app platforms, the results will clearly indicate unmatched quality favoring the first product. iOS has a perfect finish to any app, whether it is a game or anything else.

  1. User experience

When it comes to mobile application development, this is what matters the most. IPhone development is not only just about creating an app, but also about the experience it provides users with. Apple specialists know this, which is why their platform has been designed to offer a delightful experience to anyone who decides to use it. More than half of the iPhones in the world have access to the latest operating system, unlike Android, whose users are still struggling with older versions of the OS. This already shows consideration towards customers as well as a high level of performance.

  1. Better HTML support

HTML has come with a new version, HTML 5, which is the most suitable and modern way of replacing Flash in order to answer users’ needs and demands. This latest version provides enhanced support for iPhone app development, such as Live Photos, thus boosting the usage of Apple devices, to the detriment of those based on Android OS.

  1. Fewer compatibility issues

Normally, iPhones come without an external SD card and their storage space is limited to three alternatives. For this reason, developers have adjusted their products to meet the capabilities of any iOS device. Android phones, on the other hand, have plenty of storage possibilities that cause a lot of inconveniences to users.