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Mini speakers combine fun with practicality

One of the best things about having a high-end phone or tablet is that you can extend their functionality with third party accessories. The average store, be it online or offline, is full of latest generation items that not a long time ago were considered to be a luxury. Depending on what kind of user you are, you can go for cool and exciting gizmos, or you can invest in practical products that help you build the perfect daily driver. Sometimes, you come across one item that offers the best of both worlds. Mini Bluetooth speakers, have experienced a boom in popularity in the past years, even though the technology they are based on isn’t exactly state of the art. You can connect them to any Bluetooth-compatible gadget (phone, laptop, tablet, computer) and play music on them. A mini speaker might come in a small size, but if it’s a high quality one, it will offer crystal clear, loud music. So, if you’re going to a party and you want to play a song, mini speakers are an excellent idea. Since they’re quite small, you can carry them in your handbag or pocket and use them anytime you want. This additional piece of equipment will make the perfect present for your father, so if you will not find any other relevant suggestion on, you should keep in mind this option. It is not only modern but also very practical, especially for those who have issues related to storage space.

Mini speakers combine fun with practicality

Why not just play music on your phone?


Phones get smarter and smarter by the day, but, unfortunately, very few improvements are being made in terms of audio quality. HTC seems to be the only company that paid more attention to this department by implementing their front-facing boom sound speakers, but still, songs don’t sound as good as they should. As for other brands, things are even worse. Not even a $1000 phone cannot do justice to your favorite song and the manual equalizer doesn’t do much either because the speakers themselves aren’t made for heavy duty music playing. However, mini Bluetooth speakers pack a lot of power in a small body. You can play all the music you have on your phone and know for sure you get the Hi-Fi quality your songs deserve. Battery life is usually around six hours of continuous use, so they do not drain your phone. Moreover, nowadays, you can also buy Bluetooth levitating speakers, which have the same audio performance quality, excellent battery life, but a more unique and innovative design concept. The levitating speaker will play your favorite tunes while floating in midair, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. Because the market has been conquered by a wide selection of these devices, you should read a few reviews, on websites such as, before making an actual purchase. Listening to music has a whole new meaning with this spectacular gadget.


What features should you be looking for?


The most important thing about speakers in general is frequency response. The wider the frequency, the more accurately the speaker can produce a vast range of sounds. Higher end mini-speakers can have just the right frequency response, so they can play both high-pitched and bass sounds without distorting them. Speaker features vary from brand to brand. A basic device will offer limited features, such as volume controls and several connectivity ports, but, if you are willing to spend some extra money, you can buy a mini Bluetooth speaker with a memory card slot, wireless technology, AirPlay capabilities, or just a beautiful, sleek and minimal design. Looks and weight are also two aspects worth taking into account. If you do not think power is enough, there are plenty of reliable devices that also please the eye with their futuristic designs.