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LEV Testing 101- Advice From the Experts

The LEV system serves to reduce the exposure to airborne contaminants in a workplace, by extracting all possible contaminants from the source of the emission and it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that his employees are exposed to reasonable levels of contaminants. In these situations, having a Local Exhaust Ventilation System is essential, as it will protect all your workers from developing any health conditions due to their working environment. In addition, you will also need to perform LEV testing regularly, to ensure that your ventilation system functions at full parameters:

LEV Testing 101 - Advice From the Experts

How often do managers need to perform LEV testing?

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, the LEV is a control measure and all it must be thoroughly and regularly inspected to make sure it is still functioning the way it should. This is why any employer that uses LEV will need to check it at regular intervals that do not exceed 14 months. Depending on the hazardous substances controlled with the help of this system, the examination might have to be made even more often than every 14 months, but that is for every individual employer to determine.

What does the LEV testing imply?

The engineer running the test will ask to be presented the main performances that the LEV was designed to have. This way he will be able to compare them with the results that he obtains from his measurements and thus determine if it is still running perfectly or it needs immediate attention. He will obtain data on transport and face velocities, static pressure and other factors that could indicate the state of the LEV. In addition, the test also includes smoke testing, as this will indicate the degree on control in this type of situation.

How long will the test take?

The test can be done after the employees have finished their work or during a day off. The examiner will have to analyse the data obtain and check your records, but it is fair to say that this entire procedure will not take longer than a day to complete or even less time, depending on who you are working with and the type of LEV you have implemented in your factory.

How do I find a testing engineer?

You can either take courses in order to become accredited to perform these tests or you can hire a professional from a dedicated company. There are service providers on the market, who not only perform the tests, but they can also extract any dust, fumes or contaminants that the LEV may have failed to do because of an error. This way your business could be up and running in no time and with minimum losses. You can either ask around in your niche or you can do a quick search online and compare various service providers in the search for the best. One thing is for sure, you will always find someone qualified to help you every step of the way and offer you the certainty that your Local Exhaust Ventilation System works perfectly.