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Key technologies in a magnetic bearing system

The AMB system, which stands for active magnetic bearing, has definitely revolutionized many industries, including turbo machinery, the oil and gas industry and printed electronics, by providing great new features, from high running accuracy to low energy consumption. The system is definitely a high tech device and a new type of technology that it’s not just future-oriented, but also eco-friendly. In addition, the magnetic bearing system makes use of three main innovative technologies as to deliver the great results and provide the excellent features that it does. Below, you will be able to read more detailed information about the key technologies in an AMB system and how they enable the system to be maintenance free, lubrication free and have a longer life span than any other system in the field.

Key technologies in a magnetic bearing system

The Sensing Technology enjoys independent intellectual property, which means the magnetic bearing system is enabled to master accurate information with regard to the real time position of the rotor. There are two sensors within the system, each with its own benefits. The capacitive sensor helps ignore the oscillation principle and it is metal targeted, having the driving frequency of several Mhz. The inductive sensor offers variable reluctance and it is ferromagnetic targeted, not to mention low cost. The Actuator Technology refers to the system being designed in accordance with the rotor’s load capacity to bear. This means that the magnetic flux is so optimized as to make it suitable for high speed systems. This feature is essential in many application fields, from centrifugal compressors and turbo generators to transmission equipment and machining spindles. Last, but not least, the Signal Processing Technology refers to a stand-alone circuit board that integrates all electronic components based on PC, such as power amplifier or DSP board. The stand-alone circuit board has a high level of security, as well as the economical efficiency that turbo machines usually require. The actuator, the sensors and the controller are the main components of the system, so their technology likes at the basis of the system’s performance.


All things taken into account, a magnetic bearing system is a greatly innovative and future-oriented device that comes to help and improve numerous and various fields of operations and industries by providing better technologies as far as bearings are concerned. The three key technologies described above represent the foundation of an AMB system, explaining its high efficiency and suitability for a wide range of applications. You can learn more about this type of system, about the AMB technology and its applications by searching the web, as the Internet can provide you with extended resources on the topic. Furthermore, if you are looking for more than information, if you need a provider in the field, the online environment can help you to that extend as well, as most companies present and promote their services and products on the web these days.