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Innovative Garden Gadgets

Gardening has evolved in many ways and is now more than digging the soil with a shovel and watering the plants with a watering can. Thanks to the latest gardening gadgets, nowadays you can take care of your garden in the easiest and most high-tech way, without much effort from you. State-of-the-art gardening gadgets like the ones presented bellow have changed the perspective on gardening and have brought technology into every garden.
Innovative Garden Gadgets Picture Innovative Garden Gadgets Picture

The Led grow lights

Led grow lights are the ultimate technology that can help you grow your plants indoors in proper light conditions similar to the ones they would receive in an outdoor garden. These light systems use LED fluorescent bulbs that create a complete spectrum of light similar to the sunlight to promote the growth of various types of plants in every stage of the growing process, from blooming to flowering.

The aerator sandals

The aerator sandals are an innovative footwear that allow you to aerate the soil while you mow or trim the grass or simply while walking on your lawn. These sandals consist of a solid sole with long and sharp spikes that penetrate the soil to let the water and air in the soil.
Innovative Garden Gadgets Picture Innovative Garden Gadgets Picture

The Smart Irrigation Controller

This smart irrigation system consists of Evecontroller and Evesensors that make watering your lawn an easy chore, taking out the guesswork in calculating the watering schedule and the amount of water your plants need depending on the data received from your local weather forecast. All you have to do is mount a few sensors around your garden and the controller will do the math while you can access it using your iOS, Android or Windows smart device.

The Noocity Growbed

This device is a self-fertilizing and self-watering garden that allows you to grow fruits, veggies and herbs in your patio, kitchen or rooftop. It is very simple to use as you just have to add water to the reservoir and the plants will receive water when they need it. The highly developed ventilation area delivers enough oxygen to the plants and it makes the system suitable for any type of space.
Innovative Garden Gadgets Picture Innovative Garden Gadgets Picture

The robotic lawn mower

Mowing your lawn has never been easier thanks to the robotic lawn mower from Husqvarna that can handle up to 500 sq. m of grass and returns to the charger once the battery is empty. The lightweight design makes it easy to lift and move from one lawn to another and the lit keyboard and screen make the mower easy to operate and insert the personal settings. It comes equipped with an anti-theft alarm and a PIN code lock.