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Incredible Virtual Mouse – evoMouse

Isn’t technology amazing? The 20th century saw the most rapid evolution in terms of technology, and the 21st century promises to bring big surprises as well. It is almost too difficult to keep up with all the innovations that occur daily in fields like medicine, computers, and science in general. We explore space, and learn more about our planet each day; in this context, seeing a virtual mouse is not that shocking anymore, but it still is quite impressive and eye-catching. And yes, before you start doubting our words, we did say virtual mouse, the new evoMouse. This mouse is without a doubt one of the most intriguing gadgets released lately and it has been the main subject of the latest gadget news for quite a while now.

evoMouse evoMouse picture

Don’t you just hate it when you have to work on your laptop or tablet but can’t find your mouse? Or when you have to work switching from device to device, and your desk just gets too crowded? Now, with the evoMouse, the wireless mouse seems like something ancient and long forgotten. As you may have figured, it works on sensor and when you turn it on, any flat surface immediately becomes a touchpad. We’re already quite used to using touchpads and motion navigation control from iPhones and the like, so utilizing this virtual mouse is a piece of cake.

As you can see from the pictures, the evoMouse is a tiny device shaped like a dog with dimensions of about 1.9 inches x 1.4 inches x 1.4 inches. Its On/Off button is located on top, easy to spot, and that is basically all you need to know. Once on, the evoMouse allows you to perform with your fingers the tasks you would normally accomplish with the mouse, such as scrolling up and down, clicking and double-clicking, left click and right click, and so on. Any hand motion you make on the surface is picked up by the mouse; you can even use two fingers to zoom in and out like on any touchpads. When it comes to gadgets released for the average consumers, this latest gadget is probably one of the best we’ve seen in the last months.

A virtual mouse like this can have an wide variety of uses and purposes, such as aiding those who work in web design. Thus, they would be able to keep one more hand free for pen pads or other gadgets, while searching for other things as well. For instance, a Los Angeles web design firm will definitely try to implement these innovations into the work of their employees, because it increases efficiency and even optimism in workers, because it is a fun product too, not just a useful one.

evoMouse evoMouse picture

The evoMouse has an IR Pluse emitter and a Time of Flight CMOS sensor which allow it to accurately interpret your motions and translate them into commands. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, you just place the virtual mouse next to the hand you use and go about your business. Finally, in order to connect it to your device, but to recharge it as well, it comes with a USB port, and a 6-foot long cable; we’re certain lost of people will find it useful, like those who are forced to work in tight space, or those who’ve been injured and need to use something less straining than a real mouse.