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How to move computers and tech equipment

Despite the fact that the objects transported by home removal companies are generally smaller than the ones transported by office removals, dealing with computers, photocopiers and other tech equipment can still be very complicated. Most companies have to change offices at one point and when that happens, they need to plan every detail and pay special attention to sensitive office equipment, because oftentimes a company’s entire activity relies on it. You should not attempt to move this equipment alone. Apart from being time consuming, this can also be dangerous and you risk causing irreversible damage to your gadgets. Professional removal companies such as can offer their specialised assistance along the way, so that you can focus on the things that really matter and avoid all the hassle. Here are some tips to help you get ready for office removals.


Why office equipment is hard to move

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Pianos and grandfather clocks have a reputation for being particularly hard to move, but office equipment is not any easier to deal with. A desktop computer might not be heavy, but it is made of thousands of small, sensitive components that need to be handled with care, and this is exactly what makes them a nuisance. Needless to say, tech items can be quite expensive and this makes removing them very stressful.

Organise office equipment in advance


When moving offices, the more organised you are, the better. If your company uses a lot of computers, then start organising them at least one day in advance. Sort them by type, department or room, so that you can find them more easily at their new location. Also, wires can be very tricky, so make sure you match every computer or gadget with its plugs, chargers, extensions and so on.


Back up your files


Even when the removal company guarantees top protection for your equipment, accidents can happen, so make sure you have your back-ups. For example, if you are moving old computers that frequently crash or give errors, there is a risk of losing your data during transportation because their hard drives are unstable. Data backup should be part of your office routine anyway, so something like a complete removal requires even more attention. Unless you keep all your data in the cloud, take a few days to create digital or physical copies of essential files.


Office removals – an opportunity to evaluate your equipment


It’s difficult to think of office removals as something pleasant or exciting, but working with a professional company could make you see the bright side. Moving office is a new beginning and you can take this opportunity to evaluate the quality of your equipment. Gathering all of it in one place helps you realise what is essential and what is disposable. In addition, you can see which items are new and functional and which should be replaced with something better. This might not be necessary if your company does not rely on technology that much, but if it does, then you definitely need to assess the quality of your tech from time to time, and moving into a new office is a perfect occasion to do so!