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How to Find the Best Antivirus for Android Phones

Smart phones and other similar devices are quickly but steadily replacing the classic personal computers. Nowadays, portable devices are almost as useful as the classic computers but they also have the same needs. If you have a smart phone or a tablet which is often connected to the internet, you need to have a good antivirus, especially if you use this portable device for making payments.  It is essential to protect your financial information in order to avoid being hacked. An antivirus is also useful if you only use your smart phone for games and entertainment apps since these too can affect your phone, if you are not properly protected. The last things that you want to deal with are performance issues or Malware infections. Today we are going to give you a few suggestions in order for you to find the best antivirus for Android phones.

Best Antivirus for Android Phones Best Antivirus for Android Phones picture

Lookout Mobile Security and Antivirus
According to the latest reviews, Lookout Mobile Security and Antivirus is currently the best antivirus for Android phones. This application features a real time scanning feature which makes it almost invincible against viruses. Run a full system scan on your device after installing this antivirus after which you can forget about all your virus worries as your mobile operating system will always be protected.

There are certain antivirus programs which have already made a name for themselves among computer users and these programs have recently started exploring the Android market as well. Such is the case of the AVG Free Antivirus which is now available for Android devices. The best thing about this antivirus is that it is as easy to use as it is efficient. You can use it in order to scan your device manually or you can program your scans in order to make sure that your device will always be virus free.

Best Antivirus for Android Phones Best Antivirus for Android Phones picture

Avast! Mobile Security
Another great PC antivirus which has expanded to the mobile market is  Avast. Those of you who have already used this antivirus on your personal computers are probably aware of how efficient and easy to use it is. If you are unfamiliar with this program, you should try it with confidence as it is very efficient and it will take great care of your Android device.

What other choices are there?
All types of antivirus software have their ups and downs and it is better to experiment with various applications until you find the one which best suits your need. The best antivirus for Android phones depends on the program’s efficiency as well as on your protection needs. While a free antivirus may be great for an average user, a person who has a lot of confidential data may prefer a more secure application, even if it is not free. If none of the choices presented above appeals to you, there are several other programs that you can try such as McAfee Antivirus, Kaspersky Mobile Security or Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus. We hope that you found our recommendations useful and that they will help you find the best antivirus for your Android device.