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How to Choose a Good Infrared Heater

The infrared heater is a heating device that uses radiant heat to warm the objects and bodies in a room and not the air in the room. The beam of infrared light directed by the heater passes into the room similarly to the way the sunlight comes through the window, and the objects absorb that beam of light. There are several types of infrared heaters to choose from and this article will help you discover which type is the most efficient for your house.
How to Choose a Good Infrared Heater Picture How to Choose a Good Infrared Heater Picture

How an infrared heater works

Traditional heaters with ceramic inserts warm the air around them and use a small fan to circulate the warm air into the room, while an infrared heater targets the objects in a room, like pets, people or furniture and warm each one of them using a beam of infrared light that is invisible to the human eye. These units are very efficient, safe for children and pets and have a low energy consumption, therefore, they are the perfect choice in terms of home heating systems.

What to look for in an infrared heater

To make sure you choose a good model, look for the best infrared heater reviews so that you can access honest opinions about various models. We advise you to search for one that works by use of quartz bulbs, has an adjustable thermostat and has a warranty that covers all the working parts of the device. Regarding the unit’s supply, there are infrared heaters powered by electricity or gas, and if you want an economical and environmentally friendly unit you should purchase a model that is electrically powered because it consumes less electricity, it does not have harmful emissions and it does not need to be connected to any internal pipes.
How to Choose a Good Infrared Heater Picture How to Choose a Good Infrared Heater Picture

Quartz infrared heaters are the best

According to the best infrared heater reviews, quartz bulbs infrared heaters are the most economical and safe to use and although the upfront cost is bigger, you will notice the money saving when it comes to replacing them in case one of them is damaged at a later time. The quartz bulbs are combined with copper and stainless steel for more efficiency of the machine and the fact that they are placed inside the housing, with no heating elements in sight, makes this type of infrared heater very safe to use.
How to Choose a Good Infrared Heater Picture How to Choose a Good Infrared Heater Picture

The thermostat saves you money

The thermostat is another important component of the infrared heater and better models come with an internal thermostat that shuts off the unit when the desired temperature is reached. Even though simple models with only low and high heat settings are less expensive, you will notice further low costs when it comes to using the machine. More sophisticated models can also be programmed to shut down during the day when no one is at home, to reduce the costs of warming an empty room.

Look for extended warranty

Quality infrared heaters come with a warranty that covers 20000 hours working time in all the parts of the device and you should carefully look for units that have a warranty for every component, such as the heating elements and the infrared light portion. This way you will ensure a longer life expectancy of the entire unit and a great efficiency in heating your house for a long time.