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How matching engine technologies help brokers

Lately the Forex market is the point of interest of many persons, and brokers have to find new ways of getting new customers. Even the top brokers have to do their best to maintain their position, because this market is always in full process of expansion, and they have to offer new services every day. People prefer to invest in Forex because it is seen as a domain, which allows them to trade from the comfort of their house, 24/7, and this is the main reason brokers should optimize their services, to offer their users all the conditions they need. Also, many people opt for the broker that offers them access to specialized help like the one offered by, which created a matching engine technology that makes the Forex market more transparent and open. Here are some reasons why brokers should use the technology provided by matching engine developers.

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It offers assisted help

It is important to have as many users as possible if you want to be a top broker, and the matching engine is one way of getting them. This is the reason why so many companies decided to help brokers by creating technologies, which provide assisted help. These technologies combine hardware and software components in creating the matching engine technology, and this makes it quite effective. The main purpose of these companies is to assure its users a Forex market more transparent, distributed and open. These systems operate based on a common principle, but some of them have some particular features.

How the matching engine works

The majority of matching engines work based on a price/time priority algorithm, and the ones who use it are sure that the first trades that will be matched are the ones, which feature a better price. In case the system identifies two orders that have the same price, it will match the one, which is placed earlier. The client has the opportunity to state the limit order. This engine offers the possibility to execute the trade at the forex broker’s client’s prices, without having to be passed to the Liquidity Providers.

Attract more users

The main reason people prefer Forex instead of other types of trading is that they do not have to pay commissions in a real sense and brokers offer them access to the latest technology. By offering people innovative technology, brokers are sure that their users will keep coming back, and if they are satisfied of the quality of the services they got, they will recommend them to other persons. When comparing this domain with others, traders will notice this difference from the beginning because no one will take any fees from their account, and brokers do their best to provide them the highest quality technologies and services. Specialists state that Forex has the largest number of participants compared with the other financial markets, and the main reason is that they are contempt with the fact that brokers offer them a wide range of products and services for helping them with their investments.