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How lucrative is a nursing job?

Analysing nursing job from a financial perspective is an interesting, challenging and complex task, because those who work in this field tend to have contrasting views. On the one hand, there are the nurses who are satisfied with their annual income and do not even think of changing their workplace. On the other hand, there are nurses who think that the level of physical and emotional stress they do through requires better remuneration. You can easily find nursing jobs in the UK, especially online, on recruitment portals, but not all them are paid the same. Of course, the salary and perks depend on the employer, but we can offer you several financial statistics that represent this job as a whole.

How lucrative is a nursing job

Clinical nursing jobs


Clinical nurses work in hospitals and, although their average working day can be quite stressful, the compensation matches their efforts. For example, nurse anaesthetists have some of the highest salaries in the field. This job does not involve treating and interacting with the patient directly. Like the name suggests, it involves administering the anaesthetic to the patient prior to surgery. If you do not interested in the surgical setting, you can opt for a mid-level nursing practitioner position, which is not paid as well, but it involves providing basic care. The more advanced, better paid option, is to become a clinical nurse specialist. For this, you will need several years of experience in a specialised field (there are about fifteen that you can choose from) and, more often than not, this position also comes with management and research tasks.


Non-clinical nursing jobs


Non-clinical nursing jobs are an excellent career solution for people who have worked in a clinical environment for many years, but are no longer to keep up physically and emotionally. If you are in this situation, you don’t have to retire early or just stay unemployed. There are plenty of well paid, non-clinical jobs that require the skills and experience of a nurse. For example, you could work for a healthcare recruitment company and help them find qualified candidates. Another option would be teaching; it is possible to obtain this job even if you have never practiced as a nurse and just have a degree, but those with decades of experience are always preferred.


Where can you find the best paid nursing jobs?


Nurses in the United Kingdom have some of the highest salaries and perks in the entire EU, which is why this country is a destination for medical professionals all over the world. However, not all employers pay the same, so you will have to look carefully for the most profitable opportunities. Make an account on a medical recruitment platforms rather than just looking for jobs online, because a specialised website will collaborate only with the most prestigious employers. Generally, clinical nursing jobs are the best paid, at least in the UK, but you can also opt for a non-clinical job.