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How broaching revolutionized the metalworking industry

Modern industry is based on the ability to obtain various metal parts at precise dimensions in order to create various structures. This is what helped society develop to where it currently is and what many people working in the field appreciate. While the idea of broaching can be traced around as early as the mid-19th century, it started to develop back in the 1930s, when it practically revolutionized the entire process of metalworking. Essentially, broaching refers to the process that uses a toothed tool to remove certain materials. Most people never stop to think how various metal parts are designed or how various manufacturers managed to make square holes into pieces of metal. After all, when normally drilling into something, the whole obtained in round. To this extent, this is how a rotary broaching tool has revolutionized today’s metalworking industry:

How broaching revolutionized the metalworking industry.jpg

Increased precision

Broaching is usually used in the automotive, medical, aerospace and even plumbing industry. All these industries require extremely precise parts in order to obtain the expected result and do their job properly. Even a less than a millimeter difference can render an entire device useless and cause important financial damages to a company. This is why using top of the line broaches and broaching machines is an absolutely necessary investment for anyone looking to obtain great results. For instance, in the manufacturing of orthopedic fasteners or bone screws as many people might know them, the slightest difference in size will prove of no avail during a surgery.


Faster manufacturing time

While liner broaching tools are used by many companies, rotary broaching has made some very important changes in the entire process, by making it even faster. Before broaching, the process of making a square hole took hours and the result was not always as precise as it needed to be. With this technology, it takes just a few seconds, so parts manufacturers can obtain the desired results in a much better time frame. This is what helped many industries develop to where they are right now and how many items that we use on a daily basis are obtained. Many parts of the vehicles we drive around all day are built using this technology, but we rarely stop to think how they are obtained.


Wide variety of materials that can be used

Usually, broaching works better with softer materials, as they allow this device to create the desired shape easier. Materials such as aluminum, bronze, graphite, plastic and even wood are the most common ones used by manufacturers. However, there are cases in which mild steels can also be worked with to obtain smaller parts. This depends on the quality of the broaching tools that are used, so those who are interested in working with a harder material should collaborate with a professional provider. Since there are many types of broaches available on the market, there are a multitude of shapes that can be obtained with their help, enabling manufacturers to obtain the parts they need fast and easy.