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Guide to installing coil-overs on your car

Coil-overs come in different sizes, configurations and brands, and it is necessary to choose a supplier wisely, to  get top quality products. After your purchase, inspect the items and see if the dimensions are suitable ones for your car. If you have not installed coil-overs on your car in the past, there are several things you need to know. Although professional installation is recommended, you can manage to do the job on your own if you follow the instructions. When it comes to adjustable coil-overs installation, it is necessary to follow some simple guidelines. Installing coil-overs on your car is extremely beneficial, as it absorbs shocks and provides optimal surface contact.

Guide to installing coilovers on your car

Spring installation and Preload setting

Because in some cases, the coil overs are delivered without having the spring installed, the first thing to do is to add them yourself. Extend the shock fully and firmly pull on the shaft. To install the spring, you need to slide it onto the rod end through the shock shaft. Install the lighter rate spring first and then move on to the slider and the lower spring.

Coil-overs installation

After you have adjusted the springs the proper way, the next step is the actual coil overs installation. For this step, you will need to use lock washers and grade eight bolts. Place the coil overs in the right spot and carefully lower the vehicle’s weight onto them. It is not that difficult, but if you have no previous experience regarding car parts installations, it is best advised to leave the job in the hands of professionals.

Test Run

After you have finished mounting the coil overs on your car, and you have set the pre-load and springs, take your car on a test run. Check the shock tuning and shock valving and see if the coil overs are sufficiently strong to support the vehicle completely.

Adjusting Stop Nuts

Adjusting the stop nuts is required for dual or triple coil-overs. Make sure the components are positioned no more than three inches above the spring separator. If you need to move the stop nuts, spin and tighten them using a hammer and a screwdriver. Installing coil-overs is not a difficult process if the components are of high quality. If you find it hard to do the installation, ask the help of a specialist. Because there are so many brands on the market it can be rather difficult to make the right purchase. Research the topic beforehand to find out which coil-overs are more appropriate for your car. Because it is necessary to choose coil-overs that are suitable for your vehicle, make sure you make your purchase from a reliable supplier that can put at your disposal an extensive range of products. The right provider will assure you of a quality product. Therefore, if you want to lower your car or create a stronger suspension, look for a supplier that can offer you the components you need.