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Floating speakers bring wireless music into your home

Streaming music services such as Rdio and Spotify are incredible apps, but they have one tiny disadvantage: the apps are constrained to phone or computer speakers, which are not a great solution. Sound speakers do have power, but the logistics may keep you from making the huge leap. If you cannot or you are not willing to run speaker wires all around the house, you should try floating speakers. These cool sound systems are becoming increasingly more reliable and they allow you to enjoy streaming music in your home at good audio quality. If the thought of bringing wireless technology into your home has crossed your mind, then learn more about how awesome floating wireless speakers are.

Floating speakers bring wireless music into your home

No more speaker wires

Having speakers wired to your home theatre is frustrating owing to the fact that it makes placement difficult. Wires are stretching all across the living room floor. Even though it is fairly simple to conceal the wires near or even behind the AV cabinet. Unfortunately, you would not want those speaker wires around the room. It is both ugly and dangerous. If you want to forget all about tiptoeing and tripping over the wires, you should go wireless. Levitating speakers not only makes placement easy, but it is not permanent, which is a nice perk.

What makes floating speakers wireless?

Sound gets from point A to point B via Bluetooth technology. Basically the floating speaker pairs over Bluetooth, which enables you to immediately listen to your favorite songs. It is very handy because it is operated through battery, so you will need no source of electricity. Thanks to floating speakers, you can say goodbye to having to connect different cords to your phone in order to play tunes. Although floating speakers have a transmitter and a receiver, they are built into a speaker that works on batteries. Therefore, you will need a power source to charge the battery from time to time. So, that is a cord for you.

Wireless does not make floating speakers inferior

Many audio fans are convinced that wireless is either inferior or completely unreliable. The truth is that there are many wireless speakers on the market made by trustworthy manufacturers that are very good. At least, they are significantly better than thanks to improved technologies and higher quality products. You have a number of options when it comes to floating speakers, but pay attention to the fact that the category of floating wireless speakers is on the small side.

What to consider when choosing a floating speaker  

The first aspect to consider is obviously the portability. The fact is that the smaller you go, the better sound the speaker will offer. Another common concern is battery efficiency. Portability is well and good, but if you cannot stand without top-notch audio performance, you will want to look into the weightier models as well. Last but not least, you should consider durability, but the reality is that durability is a common feature in most floating speakers nowadays.