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Find out when you must change the battery of your laptop

It is well known that no matter how you treat or charge your battery laptop, eventually it will stop working properly. Of course, this depends on the type of laptop you have and how often you use it, but generally the battery has a “life expectancy” of couple of years. On the other hand, if you use it very often, you may have to change it even sooner than this, because it will no longer last as much as it should. Normally, you can see a notification warning you that your computer may shut down because of the low battery, and happily, with the evolution of technology, the latest versions of windows will also inform you about other type of problems, such as battery not being able to charge completely. That means that even though the computer is connected to an outlet, the battery is not strong enough to power it, and a “consider replacing your battery” notification will appear. In this case, the solution is to remove the old battery and replace it with a new one. This may seem an easy task, but actually if you are planning to buy a batería para laptop, there are some things you should consider: the price, warranty and even recommendations of other clients.

Find out when you must change the battery of your laptop

There are many reasons for which a battery does not work, so before you rush to buy a new one, make sure the problem is actually real: check the electric cords and outlets, and also look for corrosion, dirt or dust inside the laptop. Clean everything without causing any harm to the components, and you can even try to reset it, this may work sometimes. If after all these the laptop will not turn on, you definitely have to change the battery. If you have a user-serviceable battery, just look at the laptop model, and order one online. It is very important to choose an authentic model from a reputable company – it is recommended to but an original one, similar to the one the computer already has. Do not choose the cheapest alternative you find online, and think about the quality-price ratio. Furthermore, having an after-market component has many disadvantages: it can destroy the warranty on your computer, it may break after a short period of time, or it could even be dangerous and cause a short circuit.


Since it is designed to be used, the new battery could also break, which is why before purchasing it, make sure it has a warranty and how long it is. This is very useful in case it is not working from the beginning, because you can simply return it and receive another one in exchange. If it starts to deteriorate sooner than you would expect, the problem may be the way you treat it: try to avoid exposing it to heat or simply remove it from the laptop when you have demanding activities, such as playing games.