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Do you need a new print head?

This is the question, which arises in every printer user mind every time he sees that something is wrong with his device. Some of them do not even think that they might have not used it for some weeks or months and this is why it might be clogged. Sometimes you only have to clean the printhead, other times it might not be functional and you have to change it with a Konica KM512 LH 42PL, one of the best products on the market. Before purchasing a new printer part from an online store, you have to be sure that your printhead is broken.

Do you need a new print head

Clean the printer

The first step you should do in order to see if your printhead is functional or not, is to try to clean it. You have two possibilities to do this, the first one is to use the cleaning software every printer has. If you do not know how to turn it on you should check the manufacturer’s instructions. Sometimes this cleaning is not enough, and you have to do a manual one. Therefore, you have to wear gloves when you soak the printhead. When doing this you have to take care to protect its head circuit, so you should use some paper towels. You have to cover the towels with heated, but not boiled water. You should pour the heated water on the towels and depending on how clogged is the printhead, you have to keep it in the water for four or more hours. In some situations, you have to do this entire process more times, and if it still does not work, you should take into consideration to replace it with a new one.

Buy a new printhead

You might not find on the market exactly the model you need, because manufacturers prefer to work with online stores. It is not difficult to find in online stores exactly the product you are looking for, because they provide items for many countries and have to be able to meet a wide range of requirements. If you do not find exactly the model you are looking for, online stores offer information about the printers that are compatible with every one of the products. Therefore, you might find a cheaper item, which will do the same work as your old one had done. You do not have to worry that you will not receive a quality product, because the majority of the stores are collaborating with manufacturers, and they provide only original and unused printer parts. However, before ordering a certain printhead, you have to be sure what type you need, and you can find this from the manufacturer’s instructions. If you receive a damaged product when you order online, you have the possibility to change it, or to ask your money back. Do not forget that you should use your printer at least once time a week, if you want to be sure that its parts are properly working.