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Common cleaning methods parts washers use

Purchasing the most appropriate parts washer for your business is an important detail and you will have to take into consideration many aspects the moment you choose the product you will buy. A parts washer is a machine used in the manufacturing and maintenance industry to clean dirty components and specialized equipment, in order to make them suitable for delivery and assembly. There are various types of parts washers, so choosing the right one may not be as easy as it seems at first glance, because you have to keep in mind many aspects. Besides the technical features of the device, you also have to be aware that each washer uses a different cleaning solution. Cleaning agents vary depending on the level of cleanliness and dimension of the components they have to wash. In addition to this, ever since environmental protection has become a general concern, there are some standards of security these machines must fulfil. If you want to find out more details about the product that would be the best for your needs, you should get in touch with a parts washing service provider.

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There are many cleaning methods used by parts washers, and among the most popular you must know about manual, automated and high-pressure spray cleaning. Manual cleaning is very similar to the method used ages ago, when parts washers were invented: it involves a large sink or container (having a drum or vat shape) filled with cleaning solution, where parts are sunken. After the grime gets moist, the components are taken out and somebody removes the stains manually. This method is the best in case you have a small business with a low volume of cleaning, because the process will not last longer than one hour, or for small parts, where a special brush must be used in order to remove dirt completely. On the other hand, for a large business where you cannot afford wasting the time of your employees for components cleaning, you will have to purchase automated cleaning machines. These are perfect for operations which last longer than one hour and involve large parts that cannot be manoeuvred by the employees. Even if you may think that buying such a device will cost you a lot of money, experts say that on the long term, the investment will be worth it. This is actually true, if you consider the fact that while the machine does its job without any supervision, your employees will be able to focus on their tasks and work on something else.


Another popular method is the one that uses high pressure spray. The device has a cabinet style design and performs a similar work to that of a dishwasher: the parts are rotated, moved in different positions and hit by a high pressure spray which thus removes the existing stains, cleaning them. In order to deliver efficient results, this method also involves heated water-based agents, which have become extremely popular lately due to the fact that they are safe both for people and for the environment.