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Coding and marking within the food industry

Coding and marking food products is challenging not only because of health and safety concerns, but also because of the shape and size of the products that demand great engineering skills. Irregular shaped product packaging, the storage conditions and the size of the products can pose great problems to a food coding and marking engineer. You should use the services provided by a company that offers multiple coding solutions to ensure that your products will be marked and coded perfectly, irrespective of the challenges they represent. There are few companies capable of handling a wide range of food products, because this type of service requires not only the use of the latest technology, but also personnel capable of using this technology to its fullest potential. You can simply ask the company you wish to collaborate with what type of ink jet coder solutions it offers to ensure they will meet your specific requirements. For instance, you need to ask the coding and marking engineer whether extreme temperatures will affect the quality of the ink making the writing undecipherable, if the food you produce will be kept in freezers.


Ink jet coder solutions

Coding and marking within the food industry

Numerous ink jet coder solutions you can choose from are available on the dedicated market. It is important to hire a coding and marking provider that can help you choose a coding solution fit to your needs. From traditional coders that mark the package of the products to food grade inks designed for direct marking onto the food, it is important to resort to a company capable of offering a wide range of services. The latest coding machines not only provide ingenious solutions such as using water resistant ink or ink that changes colour under specific situations, but they are also speeding up the coding process tremendously by introducing automated printing and handling.


Types of ink


Certain types of inks will change their colour or appearance, if they represent a danger to consumers. The coder ink technology has been developed to change colour during the sterilization procedure, ensuring that all food products on the production runs are properly sterilized. What is more, invisible ink readable only under UV rays, moisture resistant ink, and fast dying ink are just a few of the breakthroughs in this industry. You should choose the type of ink jet coder and ink that meets your specific needs and take advantage of the latest technology to make your food manufacturing and packaging process easier.