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Buy yourself one wheel hoverboard and surf the streets  

The truth is that walking through the neighborhood is not easy or anymore, especially if you are required to do so while standing up. However, you can make you way through work thanks to a little piece of gyroscopic technology called the self-blanking scooter. And although 2015 was mainly the year of two-wheel self-balancing scooters, at present it is the one-wheeled board that has taken over the world. If you do not own one already, then you should go to the nearest store because the 1 wheel hoverboard is the new ‘it’ thing. Not only can you enjoy the simplicity of rolling across town on a single wheel, but it will go faster that other self-blanking skateboards. This ingenious device has many other features that you may not have been aware of.

Buy yourself one wheel hoverboard and surf the streets

Designed to be different

Even though the one-wheel self-balancing device strongly resembles a modern skateboard, there are some striking differences. First of all, the deck features a giant rubber wheel in the center and not two as people were used to. The built-in gyroscope gives you the chance of balancing the device using only your feet and the feeling that you get is similar to levitating. By simply leaning forward you accelerate and leaning back causes you to decelerate, or change direction. The product is simply the result of Robert Bingler’s desire to manufacture a vehicle that would produce the sensation of surfing on land.


Unfortunately the device cannot levitate, but this does not mean it cannot reach incredible speeds. To be more precise, a hoverboard is powered by a 5,000 W motor and it can deliver a speed of 26 km/h. this basically mean that you have the possibility to travel 20 mph and go 15 miles on only one battery charge. Besides the fact that the board charges at 1.5 minutes per mile, the regenerative breaking recovers some of the energy and charges the device while it is going downhills or simply decelerating. After having ridden the one-wheel hoverboard for some time, it will seem completely natural.

LED lights

The good news is that some models have LED lights built-in so that you can see perfectly when riding the hoverboard. These lights will illuminate large portions and it is needless to say that your visibility is significantly improved when riding at night. You even have the opportunity to dictate the color of the LED lights and program the sensors in order to be more sensitive to your movements. Therefore, you should not be afraid of riding your hoverboard at night.

Mobile application

Another feature worth mentioning is the accompanying mobile application for Android and iOS. The application runs based on a Bluetooth connected device that will allow you to either activate or lock the machine. More importantly, you can verify the battery level and check its charge, customize audio and last but not least view ride data like maximum speed, distance traveled. What you are offered is the possibility to tailor the performance of the device according to your personal preferences.