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All you need to know about user testing

Having an online business can be very profitable if you know how to implement your idea properly and promote your products. The problem is that no matter how good an idea might be, if the website is not functioning properly, most visitors will not return and thus that website will have a very low conversion rate. To this extent, user testing has become a very popular way to make sure a website is functioning properly and increase its conversion rate successfully.

All you need to know about user testing

What is user testing?

User testing is a testing method that companies can use to find out how potential customers would feel about their website and about their services. Dedicated user research platforms have a large panel of Australian user testers which are asked to test a website and perform various tasks. Their experience on each website they test is recorded in a video that is later send to the company in question. This is one of the best ways for companies to find out exactly what an average user would do on their website, how they would react in certain situations and how they feel about various aspects of the website.


Who does these tests?

All testers are asked to introduce some information about themselves upon opening an account on these research platforms, information that contains data about their preference, online experience, age and anything else that might be useful. They are typical internet users, basically the same demographics that would access your website anyway. It will definitely be useful to see which features visitors have problems using and it may even lead to the discovery of certain bugs that the developers weren’t aware of.


How many tests would I need to draw my conclusions?

You do not have to do a lot of tests in order to get a vibe of how people might feel about your website. Usually, you will be able to find out the general impression of your users and even have some things pointed out that you hadn’t considered after only 4 or 5 tests. In fact, many experts advise business owners to begin testing the website before it is completely finished, because it will be much easier to do the necessary changes when the website is still under construction. So do two rounds of testing, one after the main concept of your business has been implemented and one after you have taken into account the information and suggesting you receive from the first tests and the website is mainly completed.


In addition, you should also test the website after every major change or update you make; just to be sure the customers will have the response you are expecting. Just like with everything else, web design trends evolve and what may have been considered an asset two years ago may not be so trendy for today’s users.


Professional testing platforms allow companies to select their testers based on region, demographics and web expertise in order to find the best possible people for their websites.